The advantages of Kryston Heavy Metal Putty (Video)

Iain Sorrell Talking about the advantages of Kryston Heavy Metal Putty.

Kryston Heavy Metal Putty

I’ve been a big fan of tungsten putty for over a decade and had been buying various brands in my local fly fishing store. I love the versatility of being able to pinch off just enough to critically balance baits etc. I also like the fact that unlike split shot it does not damage the line or make any noise when bouncing along gravel or rocks.



However it wasn’t until I got my hands on some of the Kryston material last season that I realized just how much better it was than what I’d been using.

First big advantage: The Kryston Hevay Metal putty is loaded with so much tungsten so you can use less and it handles well in all temperatures without getting too hard in the cold or sticky in the heat.

Plus If you follow the instructions properly it will stay on your line or hook link material much more securely than any other putty I’ve used.

Even better it can be rolled to create a very thin coating around the line making it ideal for ‘pinning’ hook links or leaders down to the bottom.

It comes in a choice of brown, gray or green colors available individually or as a convenient ‘Trio’ pack, which is my favorite, so means I can always match the lake or river bed for maximum camouflage.

See how to use it:  ‪#‎kryston‬