Cygnet Spod Bucket Adaptor Kit Installation how to




I just received my Spod Bucket Adaptor Kit from Cygnet and decided to do an instructional video on installing the legs and getting it all set up. It only takes about 10 minutes to achieve and figured I would do a step by step with video to show how to do so. I added a video also if you want to follow along that way as well. I will later show it in action.



First step is to get your tools ready for the job. Below you can see a photo of everything you will need to get the job done.

1. Drill

2. 5/16″ drill bit

3.tape of some sort (I used drywall tape)

4. drywall screw


6.tape measuer

7 phillips screwdriver wider head







After you get your tools sorted you will then begin the process of adding the first bracket onto the bucket. Simply place some tape on the side and align the bracket past the handles. This will reduce the chances of the plastic cracking while you drill.




Align the adapter with the lip that is around 1 inch below the top of the bucket. Simply hold the adapter and trace into the holes so you have a marked spot to drill.



Now that you have the holes traced take a screw and start a pilot hole. I used a drywall screw since they have a nice point and will puncture the plastic very easily.


Now that you have a pilot hole started simply take your drill bit and slowly drill into the bucket. Going slow will ensure you do not crack the bucket and of course use a sharp drill bit.

Once you are done drilling your two holes simple peel off the tape and clean any edges you may have. Next take your two screws and press them through the holes from the inside of the bucket coming out to the outside. Place your bracket on the bucket and push the screws through the hole. Final step is to place the nuts on the end of the screws and tighten down evenly. Take a phillips screwdriver to do the final tighten from the inside of the bucket.



Now that the first major step is done the rest is basically the same. You will want to take place tape around the bucket. I used drywall tape that I had laying around. Peel the tape off and get a tape measure to determine how long it is.  I measured mine and it was 36 inches around the top. Next step is to divide by 3 since we are using 3 legs. This will give you the distance between each adapter as seen below.





Now that we divided by 3 we can mark our tape like the above images. The starting point around the bucket will be the first adapter that we had placed on the bucket already and start the beginning of the tape from the center of the adapter.


Now that you have your marks going around the bucket simply repeat the adapter process as we spoke about above and remember that each adapter needs to be centered to the line on the tape. Once you are done you are ready to screw on your legs!



Now that you have your Cygnet Spod Bucket Adaptor Kit all installed head out to the banks and make spodding a ton easier on your back and body!

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