Boilie Crumb Stick Mix

This is a easy to make and very effective mix that can be used both as a stick mix or method mix depending on how much liquid you add.

Step 1 – Select your boilies.

Any boilie will work for this. In this case I am using Munch Baits Pink Fruit which makes a wonderful pink mix.

Step 2 – Grind up the boilies.

Most food processers will get this done. It’s easier if the boilies are on the softer side and not rock hard!

Step 3 – Measure out panko.

The amounts are 1:1 boilie crumb to panko.

Step 4 – Measure out powdered milk.

The amount of powdered milk is about half the amount of boilie crumb.

Step 5 – Mix it up!

Mix up the dry ingredients before adding the wet ones.

Step 6 – Add the wet stuff.

The amount you add depends on how you want the mix to behave. Add slowly until you have a mix that sticks the way you want. Remember it will absorb the moisture as it sits. The matching syrup in the Pink Fruit range is ideal for this mix. A can of sweetened condensed milk is also just the perfect compliment to this mix – and the fish love it!

Step 7 – Mix it all up!

Make sure you combine all the ingridients as compleatly as possible. If its a bit dry, add more syrup. If you have a 4 year old child so much the better.

Step 8 – Make the stick.

You’re done! Simply make a stick and add it to your rig. This adds a huge boost in attraction and also keeps the rig from tangling.