The Century C2-D Spod Rod

The C2-D Spod rod from Century is, if not the best spod rod in the world, certainly in the top 3 (it’s likely the #1).  In order to really appreciate it you just have to hold and cast one but I’ll do my best to do it justice and give you an idea of the properties that make it this good.

2016-06-21 001 011 (1024x683) (2)
The C2-D reel seat is machined aluminum and extremely robust. The name says it all: the rod is a machine.

The things I look for in a spod rod are the ability to cast any spod I want to use and to put that spod exactly where I want it. My first impression on holding this rod was that I would not need a spod anymore because I could simply cast the bucket! While I have not actually cast a bait bucket I have easily cast any spod or spomb I have clipped on.

2016-06-21 001 019 (683x1024)
The 1k twill outer carbon matches the other C2-d rods.

Accuracy is also excellent. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your bait is landing close enough to the marker when your standing on the shore so I tested this by putting a camera at the base of my marker. This assured me that I was hitting the mark: in no time I had a good bed of bait right where I wanted it.

2016-06-21 001 017 (1024x683)
The first guide, a 50mm SIC

The Century SiC 50 guides get the job done nicely and are good for heavier mono main lines. I experimented with braid and found that mono is better for this configuration. If you use a shock leader I found that 10-12lb mono casts great and offers very trouble free operation and great casting distance. While practice casting with a 5 oz lead I was able to hit 170yds without much issue and could likely have gone farther but the field was only so big!

2016-06-21 001 014 (1024x837) (2)
The end of the rod capped off with a nice etched aluminum carp finishes the rod off.

In terms of fishing, it will cast a fully loaded Large Spomb over 120yds which is about as far as anyone could want to bait up at (remember you have to reel it in again!). The power of the rod also helps with getting the empty bait dropper back in and I won’t say it makes it fun but it’s as good as it gets! If you have long distance fishing rods it is simply pointless to be able to fish at range if you can’t get the free offerings at a similar range and this rod is the tool for the job at any range you want to bait at.

I have been using the C2-D spod for a little under a year now and it is still as good as new. Century’s rod building process is designed to keep the test curve of the rods intact with out decay for many years and I expect this rod will last a good portion of my life – quality is worth the price!

If you decide that you need to have one (and you do) head over to Big Carp Tackle and get one by clicking here.