Review: Gardner’s GT80+ Main Line

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I am fussy about my line and have used a lot of different brands and types over the years. There are a lot of lines that will catch fish, but some are much more pleasant to use than others. Gardner’s GT80+ is one of the latter. For example, some lines seem to be more difficult to get a good knot right away, GT80+ is easy to tie and the knots hold really well first try.

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Even in snag infested water GT80+ holds up well – really well given how limp it is.

An examination of the package reveals a number of impressive claims, and as far as I can tell they all hold up. It sinks well (I did not test it to see if its the fastest!), is very resistant to abrasion while being soft and having good knot strength, and casts very well. The 0.35mm line has a rated breaking strength of 12lbs and this I think is an understatement as it feels much stronger than that.

IMG_1287 (738x1024)
The claims on the package all hold up in the real world.

The spool itself comes with a line guide to (I guess) help keep it from tangling and help when spooling a reel. It seems to work well and keeps the spool from spinning on its end when placed in a bucket of water.

IMG_1293 (1024x683)
The line guide on the spool helps keep the spool level when winding it on a reel.

Lastly, the color. Its a really deep green and looks very carpy and will blend in nicely over algae or vegetation. It also looks sharp on the reel – an absolute necessity!

To get your spool of Gardner GT80+ head over to Big Carp Tackle.