Review: Gardner’s Deluxe Pencil Marker Float

Gardner has a few different marker floats on the market, and each has a slightly different set of benefits. The Deluxe Marker float is a classic take on the marker float: balsa wood construction and the “pencil” design. It is available in two sizes, with the smaller size being well suited to most conditions and the larger size for extra visibility at range or when more buoyancy is needed when exploring weedy areas. The swivel attachment is robust and well anchored in the body of the float so there is no worry about it pulling out on a hard cast. The flights are proportionally sized to the float and color is really nice as well and stands out in all the conditions I have tried them in and really makes a nice target to aim bait at.

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The rundown on the Seeker Marker Float (another of Gardner’s offerings) can be found here and both can be purchased form Big Carp Tackle.