Gardner Tackle USA – Team Member Evan Cartabiano

It is with great pride that I can announce that I am now part of the Gardner Team. Gardner Tackle kit is top quality and I can really get behind it and feel good showing it to other anglers as I have been using it for years and know it to be top end gear that will put fish on the bank. It is awesome to be backed by a company that has a full range of kit that can be relied upon to perform and I can’t wait to see what I can do with it during both specimen and tournament angling, and of course I’ll be sharing the details on what I do!

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Can’t wait to get catching!

Gardner Tackle has been in the tackle business for over 35 years, and is one of the original carp tackle companies. They have continued to improve and refine their products, with the result that their line up today  includes simply some of the best tackle out there, and they are by no means done improving. If you have not tried Gardner Tackle, you are really missing out!


I remember the first pack of “real” carp hooks I got growing up, they were Gardner (Talon Tips if I recall correctly) and I was so excited to get them. I can still remember tying up rigs with them, and then only using the rigs where I thought there was little chance of getting a snag and losing them! In the intervening years I acquired many Gardner bits of kit, everything from rolling tables, to baiting needles, to even more hooks (I really like the Mugga range), to the ever useful Bait Bomb – all proved to be quality made and well thought out. (The Bait Bomb could use some sort of homing device however – how I lose them I’ll never know!)

All the gear I am/will be showing is available through Big Carp Tackle, so continue to watch Big Carp News for more articles on this superb tackle, and also check out the Gardner Tackle website for more info on products, details and tips on tying rigs, and other useful information.

A fish on the mat – the reason I use Gardner Tackle