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It is with great pleasure that we can share the most recent news in the United States. It has been announced on the Team Korda USA page that Brian Wingard is now on Team Korda!  All of us at the Big Carp News Team congratulates him on not only this exciting news but also his achievements in promoting carp fishing world wide. It just goes to show as well that big companies are watching the US market and of course Big Carp News. Big Carp News members have a track record for attracting attention from not only their amazing catches but also their professionalism both on the banks and when they are not out fishing.


Brian also will be helping with the Team Korda USA webpage and also ensuring all the latest products are available and giving demonstrations of them and their uses.



The Official Korda Release states the following:


All of us at Team Korda USA are very pleased to announce that Brian Wingard will be our first official Team Korda USA Member! Please extend a very warm welcome to Brian who has an impressive resume of achievements and following in the United States.

Brian loves to promote carp fishing not only in the U.S. but on a global level. He loves to teach and share with others and has a genuine passion for being out on the banks. Even though he takes his fishing very serious he is a down to earth guy who just loves fishing, meeting new anglers in his travels and having a fun time while out on the banks wherever he may be.

Brian will also be helping us from this point forward on our page here so if you have any questions please feel free to ask him and also if you see any new products that you are interested in he will help to make sure those are in stock for you to try.Just send us a message on here and put “attention Brian”

You will see his angling throughout the year coming soon but please feel free to check out his Facebook page found here Brian Wingard Carp Anglerand also his YouTube Channel for a sample of what is to come from Brian.
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If you would like to follow Brian you can check out his facebook here and of course his YouTube Channel found here.


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