Submitted by David Moore:


We sometimes get questions about our store and how it works from time to time.


Here are 3 common questions-


“How do I know you have something in stock?”


At BCT we work diligently to keep anup to date and accurate inventory count.  What you see in inventory is what we typically have.  We have variants ie. Hooks ‘type & size’ in the below example.  You’ll also notice the drop down of packages currently in stock.  We do now offer a few ‘drop shipped’ items that are ordered regularly and brought in with our usual inventory items.  Another exception would be Delkim alarms which we have drop-shipped from Angling Solutions in most cases.  We aren’t perfect and sometimes do make mistakes but that is relatively rare these days.


“Why does an item I add to my cart then show “out-of-stock’?”


If you are buying the last item it moved the item from BCT inventory to your shopping cart so if someone else is try to buy it while you are shopping it can’t happen.


“Why does my cart show up empty after I put items I want in?”


This is tied in with the above after a certain time of inactivity while shopping the items are placed back in BCT Inventory.  If you want to have items saved you need to add them to your ‘Wish List’ you can then move them to your cart when you are ready to purchase them.