Review: Gardner Seeker Marker Float

There are a lot of marker floats on the market. Just about every company seems to have at least one design. With so many choices it can be difficult to decide which float is best at a glance.

Finding the feeding areas is key to catching fish and not blanking. A good marker float can help you do this effectively.

The Seeker Marker Float from Gardner is one of the many choices available, but it is not just any old float – it offers excellent cast-ability, visibility, and a price tag under $10.

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The Seeker Marker Float

The Seeker Market Float comes with two different flights: an orange one for lower light conditions and a black one for when there is a surface ripple and bright conditions. Switch out flights with a simple screw attachment.

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In bright conditions sometimes a bright colored float is not very visible; in these conditions a black flight will stand out better.

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Another nice touch on the Seeker Float is the addition of rubber washers that keep the flights from coming off before you want to change them. The flights on the Seeker Marker float are also fairly large (compared to other floats) which makes them extremely stable during casting. Combined with the visibility these large flights afford, you can comfortably use them at a considerable range. You can also remove the flights to help keep them from harm while not in use – untold numbers of marker floats have lost their fins by being smashed off in a tackle bag.

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The Seeker Marker float is best used with a weight that is at least 3oz, and with a braided main line that will allow you to feel the lake bed in detail.

Over all the Seeker Marker Float from Gardner will get the job done under a wide variety of conditions and is well worth the money.

The Seeker Marker Float is available from Big Carp Tackle.