Nashy’s Book at last… “Memoirs of a Carp Fisher”

The Demon Eye is set to be published early November 2012

Author Kevin Nash
Author Kevin Nash
The Carp world has been waiting a long time for Kevin Nash to put his story down on paper, Memoirs of a Carp Fisher starts when Kev was just a kid and follows his journey through the pioneering years of carp fishing up to the 1990’s, but the book is about more than just carp fishing. Kev talks frankly about his personal journey and how he went from having to make his own items of tackle as none were available to developing the most famous carp tackle brand in the world.

This book is a fascinating account of carp fishing yesterday and those who shaped it into the sport we know today. Memoirs of a Carp Fisher is aspirational to youngsters, massively informative and packed full of Nashy humour, carp Books don’t get any better than this. A must Read!

Priced at £29.99 including free postage Kevin will sign your copy and write a dedicated message of your choice. To order the book go to the website or telephone 01702 233 232.