Memoirs of a Carp Fisher: The Demon Eye – Book Review

Memoirs of a Carp Fisher: The Demon Eye – Book Review

I was very excited when I first heard that Kevin Nash was writing a book about his angling career as he is one of the pioneers of the sport and a legend in the eyes of myself and so many other anglers. Immediately I placed my online pre-order with tuna roll publications ( and eagerly awaited the books arrival. When the personally signed book arrived I could not wait to get stuck into it. The sign of a really good book to me is that you do not want to put it down, you want to hurry home from work to see what happens next and you end up going to bed late because you want to keep on reading. I can say that this was the case with the Nashy book.

The book talks about the pioneering carp years, his bar experience with George Best, his admission into the British Carp Study Group, the many lakes he attempted to conquer and carp he tried to outwit and the start of his tackle manufacturing career. There is a great mix or fishing, business and personal tales, and this only touches on the early days of Kevin Nash. There is definitely the need and demand for a sequel, and I hope that we get to see that in the not too distant future.

If you are a carp angler, or other species angler then this book is a great read and I highly recommend it. Here are a few of the funny extracts from The Demon Eye.

“ Our nutter friend had murdered his mom”.

“I’ve never met an angler who dedicated his life to hunting big bream, but I’d like the opportunity to read the psychiatric report”.

“There sitting on a bar stool was the greatest British footballer of all time, George Best! We had a long chat over several hours and I got very p****d – he didn’t”


By Craig “Brit” Parkes