Delkim EV Plus & Accessories
Delkim EV Plus & Accessories

Delkim EV Plus Review – Part 1

Delkim EV Plus

The Delkim EV Plus is the “entry” level option in the Delkim “Plus” range of electronic bite alarms.

The other models in the range are:

  • the Standard Plus which has all features of the EV Plus with an additional level of sensitivity control, variable LED modes, low battery warning and battery fail alert
  • the TXi Plus which has all features of the Standard Plus with built in integral FM Transmitter and anti-theft alarm

The main difference between the Delkim bite alarms and others brands is that the Delkim has absolutely no moving parts in it’s sensor technology. Unlike roller-wheel based alarms the Delkim uses a sensitive piezo electric sensor which detects proportionally both line movement speed and subtle vibrations.

I have been using Delkim EV Plus bite alarms now for about 6 months, having switched over from the conventional roller-wheel style alarms. I must say, though I was dubious to begin with, I am now a convert to the vibration and motion sensing electronic technology.

A year ago I took a roller-wheel style bite alarm carp fishing here in Colorado, in the depths of mid-winter. The roller wheel on the alarm froze solid- not what I wanted to happen – but in all fairness, I should have expected it, the temps were way below freezing at the 9000+ ft reservoir we fished.

Delkim EV Plus Piezo Sensor

In the image above you can see the ceramic “V” part of the Piezo electronic sensor. When the rod is placed atop the alarm the line will rest against the V. It should be noted that the ceramic piezo sensor is fairly delicate and you should not abuse it – e.g. on no account should you rub your credit card, thin twigs or pieces of paper over the sensor to hear your alarm sounding! This will only result in a costly repair bill from Delkim to replace the now broken sensor.

The sensor is suited to all forms of fishing line, mono, fluorocarbon and braid – not foreign objects! The maximum angle of attack, up/down of the rod on the top alarm is about 30 degrees, beyond that the line angle against the sensor may be inappropriate to allow for accurate detection. Butting your eye rings up against the sensor will also cause a decrease in sensitivity of the alarm due to the severe line angle this generates against the sensor.

Delkim EV Plus Rotary Controls

One feature I really like are the rotary controls for adjustment of sensitivity, volume and tone (S, V, T).

Yes, the Delkim EV plus is an ultra sensitive alarm but it does allow for fine sensitivity adjustment to prevent false bite indications. I have read a number of reviews where people have complained that Delkim alarms are way too sensitive – my thoughts on this would be, that’s why you have that sensitivity control !

I usually start with my Delkim alarms set at sensitivity 3 or 4, adjusting up/down depending on the conditions, wind, wave action and amount of line movement required to provide the bite indication I am looking for. Only on a very calm day, if I am fishing at long range, or slack lining, do crank up to the sensitivity to detect the most subtle of line vibrations. I have on occasion also turned them up to maximum to give me an idea if there are any fish in area of my baits, knocking into the line.

The Delkim EV Plus alarm is pretty darn loud, it can belt out an ear piercing 100 db of sound – quite useful when fishing in windy or very noisy situations. I usually keep mine set between 1 or 2, which is plenty loud enough for me. If you were using the TX Plus Micro Transmitter option then you likely would set this down close to, or at, 0. This would prevent others from hearing your alarm sounding.

The adjustable tone control is useful if you want to differentiate between multiple alarms on your pod, or from other alarms sounding out there on the bank. I personally prefer a tone setting of between 3 and 4 – this results in a reasonable pitched beep and that all too familiar Delkim screaming run sound.

Battery life is excellent from a single 9v. I have been using these alarms heavily and they are still on the original batteries half a year later.

Delkim EV Plus LED's

The latch/run LEDs are super bright. I have fished at night with the Delkim’s and have had no issues seeing the alarm lights through the darkness. There is nothing better than seeing and hearing the Delkim EV Plus alarm screaming with a run and the LED’s blazing away in the darkness! The EV Plus has static night lights which are always on, glimmering in the dark. I do admit I would have preferred the variable LED mode options available on the higher end Delkim models, the Standard Plus and TXi Plus.

The Delkim EV plus does have the capability to be paired up with the additional TX Plus Micro Transmitter module, which turns this alarm into a full wireless alarm solution. There are connectors on the bottom of the alarm to plug-in the TX Plus Micro Transmitter and the Nitelite Pro Illuminated hanger optional accessories.

Delkim EV Plus connectors

The alarm is well built and has survived my “usual” harsh treatment without issue – I am typically pretty hard on all my equipment!

All Delkim alarms are backed with a 2 year warranty, should the device fail.

The EV Plus is all weather resistant. However this does not mean you should submerge it in the water and expect it work afterwards! If you’re alarm does get drowned, you should allow it to dry off completely before attempting operation. Placing the device in a bag of uncooked rice, for 10-12 hours, helps with absorption of some of the moisture.

In closing I am very impressed with the Delkim EV Plus. The alarm performs exceptionally well in a wide variety of conditions. When I am out fishing alone, or without “guests”, this is my go-to alarm of choice!

Delkim EV Plus Alarms at Adams Co


I do take a lot of anglers out with me who are new to carp fishing or who simply want to learn and see Euro style tackle, baits and tactics in use. I consequently have multiple complete setups for them to use. I do still use roller-wheel style alarms for my “guests” as honestly for the cost of a Delkim EV Plus alarm, with all the optional accessories, you can purchase a whole entry level carping setup to use, rods, reels, alarms, butt rests, even a rod pod !


Here is my video review of the Delkim EV Plus alarm.

In part 1 of the video review I go over in detail the features of the alarm and briefly show some of the accessories available.


In part 2 of my review of the Delkim EV Plus alarm I will be going over in more detail the accessories you can purchase, show you how to install them and discuss how they work.

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