Trakker NXG 8 Rod Holdall 12ft Review 2014 for Carp Fishing



The 2014 season is flying by fast and with part of any fishing the use of gear and how it functions is extremely important. Once in a while I do an initial review and give a quick run down of how I like something or what I think of it but again this review is more long term in more ways than one.  I have been a fan of Trakker products for many years mainly because they are top notch quality and they last. One thing that is always scary over time is when you decide to upgrade you hope that the company still produces the same quality you expect.


It was around 6-7 years ago that after many holdalls I finally tried out my first piece of Trakker luggage which was a Trakker Jackal Series 8 Rod Holdall.  Back then my initial impressions were that it was massive, well made and a nice piece of gear. Fast forward to 2014 and I wanted to get another holdall for my new rod setup. The old one was still in mint condition but as all tackle addicts soon find out they have more gear than they really need so I wanted to get a holdall for my second rod setup.


My expectations were high because I wanted something that would last just as long if not longer than my original holdall from Trakker. Fresh out of the package the build quality was even better than my original with a lot more padding and comfort features.  This is an eight rod holdall and you can have four made up rods and four unmade rods in this holdall. I can fit four big pit reels very comfortably in this holdall. I have used quite a few brands through the years that claimed they could fit big pits and they can not hold them. One popular name brand could barely fit two big pits and they also claimed they could fit “eight” rods also. In the pic below you can see my holdall with three made up rods.



On another note you can see the pouch for the reel area is massive! Check out the photo below.




In this holdall you can fit many key items for a session. Not only can you fit 8 rods but you can fit your net, weigh sling, retention sling and other items. I can even fit my brolly in the long pocket if I wanted to. There is tons of storage space which a lot of other companies can not offer. Now with such a huge load being able to fit in this holdall you have to wonder how is the heavier weight on the shoulder or even hands if you carry it this way. Well the answer is simply awesome! The padding makes for a very comfortable trip and you can see the padding in the picture below.



I did want to include some more photos so you can see the outside and the above mentioned room.


IMG_4718 IMG_4716


Finally lets show the inside and how well padded the holdall is for your rods. You can see everything is extremely well protected. A good amount of padding ensures your rods will not get scratched or bent in transport.


IMG_4724 IMG_4723 IMG_4722  IMG_4721


After looking at all of the padding one very simple yet important thing is the zippers on this Trakker holdall are heavy duty. All of the other brands I have used and also my friends have always broken zippers over time. My other Trakker zippers are still perfect and I am confident that these will be the same quality. There is nothing worse than breaking a zipper and not having your gear work the way you want it to.


In closing just like my other Trakker holdall this does everything I want it to do. It has the proper quality I am looking for. It can hold all of your much needed gear for a proper session and then some. You can expect your hard earned dollars to go a long way with this as it will last you years upon years and stand the test of time. I feel I can highly recommend this to anyone in the market for one and know years later they will still be happy with their purchase. Please ask me any questions you may have about this product. You can see my Youtube video above or you can write to me on my facebook page found here.


The above Trakker Holdall can be found here at Big Carp Tackle