PB Products – Bungee Rod Lock

Being able to close your eyes at night, walk away from the rods or just turn your back on them while out on a session and know that your rods are safe and sound and not going for a swim is always a worry.

Over the years I am lucky enough to say, I’ve never had the misfortune of loosing a rod and reel setup due to a fish taking off. This past year I did find myself fishing a handful of new venues and the takes would come very randomly, often without warning. My bigger worry was how extreamly violent the takes would be. Now, we have all had a few over the years I am sure that have been very hard takes, normally from a mid-teen male common. But this was from fish much larger and It was now getting a little worrying and a few times to the point of almost loosing a full set up. 

Well…It wasn’t long after one sesion that I started to look for a solution, before long I found it. At the end of last year PB Products Launched their own version of the Bungee Rod Lock, and I have to say… they have been one of the best investments on small item gear that I have made.

PB Products – Bungee Rod Lock


Since their launch, this item has proven to be a huge success with anglers all over the globe, so much so that it was a while before they where back in stock for Big Carp Tackle to order some. 

They offer such ease of use for any size rod butt. The Bungee Rod Locks are offered in three sizes of small, medium and large. This is just the length of the bungee cord used to lock the rod butt in place. With the large, you can actually make a number of knots in the cord should you use various diameter rods.

They work on such a simple design, I am sure that’s what makes them so popular. The base is built of a very strong molded plastic. In the back center of it, a hole is punched out for the threads of the butt rest to pass though that would then screw in to the bank stick or buzz bar.

The PB Products – Bungee Rod Lock sits perfectly between your bank stick/ buzz bar and butt rest.

On one side of the molded base there is a notch, and this allows for the bungee cord to be looped over the butt of your rod. Once it is in place the cord can be locked in to the notch with help from the orange colored bead.

I like to have the bungee very tight so I actually tied in an over hand knot in mine closer to the base. As I mentioned though, you can tie multiple knots for different rod handle diameters. But the simple design allows them to work with any rod style from EVA, cork, shrink and even directly on the blank its self. 

PB Products Bungee Rod Lock in place. Peace of mind.

I can honestly say that since using these I have felt a lot more at ease knowing that any blistering take day or night, my rods are not going anywhere any time soon. I also talk over these in a video review, over on my YouTube channel. You can check it out here if you wish. 

For the cost, they truly are a worth while investment that not only looks good (if you are in to that bank side tartness) but they just work. 

If you would like to buy some and try them out for your self. You can follow the link below over to Big Carp Tackle.