Easy PVA Solid Bags (Video)

This is a basic run through  on how to make simple Rectangular PVA Solid Bags that do not require a stringing needle. I have to emphasize the usage of rectangular bags for this application square bags will not not work quite the same. For detailed images of this technique please see the attached photos!

Here the hook is inserted into the side of the PVA  Solid to avoid piercing any larger pellets, or oats.

A simple loop is made in the hooklink, and fastened around the knot on the top of the bag. There should never be knot formed in the hooklink for this presentation.  In this instance the hooklink is PB Products Jelly Wire.

Finally here is the finished rig! As I mentioned in the video it is VERY simple to make up 25+ bags using this method in less than an hour. As opposed to tying PVA funnel web your time will be drastically cut due to only having to form one knot.

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