Blow Back Rig – “How-To Tutorial”

In this “How-To Tutorial” I follow on from the basics of the Hair Rig seen in a previous tutorial I have done (that can be seen here) using a few additional components of end tackle from the PB Products range to show you in a step by step guide how I tie the, Blow Back Rig.

It is an Ideal rig for most situations and enables us to fish for carp using a number of different baits on the Hair. It is an especially tricky rig for carp to eject this is due to the way the rig is designed. With the bait/hair mounted onto the rig ring, the bait is ejected from the carps mouth, while the hook is left in-place more often than not resulting in hooking the fish.

To buy and try the end tackle and other items seen in this tutorial video, follow the links below that will take you over to Big Carp Tackle.

PB Products – Super Strong – Size4.

PB Products – Skinless – 25LB / Weed.

PB Products – Anti Tangle Sleeve – Small / Weed.

PB Products – Cutter Pliers. 

PB Products – All-round Needle & Stripper Tool. 

PB Products – Knot Puller & Stripper Tool.

PB Products – Hair Stops – Combi Pack / Neutral.

DNA Pop-Ups 12mm – Pineapple Banana.

CC.Moore – Jumbo Tiger Nuts.

Shrink Tube.

Rig Rings