Going the Distance – Part II

Reducing Drag

A baited rig let alone a PVA stick or baggie on the end of the line will add significant aerodynamic ‘drag’ that will ultimately reduce the casting distance that can be achieved by as much as 12-20% than with just a lead. It is therefore critical to ensure that everything is as streamlined as possible. A well tied Chod or Helicopter rig is usually considered the best option for distance although I’ve seen Frank Warwick launch one of his bottom bait rigs a very long way with a 5oz lead.


Distance Bag

A well packed 'Bag'
A well packed ‘Bag’

1. When filling the bag make sure the lead remains dead centre at the bottom of the bag, this means equal amount of bait either side when filling. It’s small points like that are very important. Tap the bag and shake it to compact bait items.

2. One the bag is 3/4 full stop filling and keep tapping the bag until everything is compact.

3. The important bit is now twisting the top of the bag tightly down let it go and do it again, the more times you do this the tighter the bait items sit. When you are happy twist the bag tight and tie off with PVA string.

4. Lick and fold the bottom corners as tight as you can. Lastly lick and twist the loose bag at the top around the leader.

5. Now cast them out there and get a few bites, they will fly very long.




The choice of main line is also critical. A line with a diameter over 0.30mm (typically around 14lb) will limit the casting distance that can be achieved as a result of aerodynamic drag through the air and friction through the guides.


Baiting up.

Fishing at range ultimately creates the question of how to bait up at such distances. In some cases you can even get away with just a single hook bait or a small baggie around the lead. Frank Warwick has consistently shown how effective this can be and I’d urge anyone to get his book ‘Every Bit of Blue’ to learn more.

When more bait is needed then it’s all about how to get it to out there and more importantly on target. A Spomb, especially the midi size, is a great tool and in the right hands can be cast easily as far as your baited rig with incredible accuracy and consistency. A Spomb will also keep all the bait nicely contained without in-flight spillage and perhaps even more importantly can be quickly and easily recovered as it will skip easily across the water surface with almost no effort.

Spomb Rod

A top class throwing stick like the distance model from Frank Warwick’s range can make introducing boilies at long range a breeze. An 18-22mm boilie can be launched incredible distances (over 150 yds) provided the stick is kept lightly wetted and the bait is not too soft so prone to disintegrate mid flight.

FW Throw stick

Finally a kayak or bait boat can be used for larger baiting campaigns as needed.