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Rigwise Foam

Gardner’s Pop-Up/Bait Bag

If you are having, as I had, a problem with you hook baits being a mess of pop-up tubs and various containers of all sorts, the Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag might be just what you need.

The Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag.

The outside of the Gardner Pop-Up/Bait Bag is a durable material with both handles and a strap for carrying. The bottom is made from waterproof material so you bait will stay dry if you set it down on wet ground. It also has the added benefit for being easy to clean when covered in mud.

Carrying strap.

The zipper has two pulls and is nice and robust. I have been using it for almost a year and it has not had any issues.

The top tray with six compartments.

The first thing you see when you open the bag is the removable top tray. It has six compartments and will accommodate variety of different bait and dip containers. It also comes with six empty tubs that you can add your own bait to if you so desire.

The top tray is soft.

The fact that the top tray is soft really helps accommodate a wide variety of bait containers. The compartments are also deep enough to dube stack smaller tubs of pop-ups.

Zipper pouch under the top.

Under the lid is a mesh storage area with a zipper closure. It is really handy for baiting needles, boilie stops, and other such items. If you are looking to travel light you can fit enough supplies in here for a short session.

Flap to bottom compartment.

Under the tray there is another flap with a zipper that keeps the bottom compartment separate and since it is insulated, cold.

The bottom insulated compartment.

The bottom compartment is big enough to hold a couple of kilos of bait, or you can fill it with more hook baits as it is large enough to accommodate full size pop-up tubs and dip containers. It also has a smooth coating that is super easy to clean.

Overall this is a quality item and extremely handy for keeping baits organized and in good condition.

To purchase this bag, click HERE!


NGT 6 Pot Green Glug Bag


I have been looking for a quality bag not only for glugs but to put my jars of corn and tiger nuts in. The best part about this bag is you can lay them down to see the actual flavors on the labels. I have to say this bag is the same quality as the ones of a different name brand that are more expensive.

I was really impressed with this as the handle is really strong and has foam padding. The zippers are quality on this as well. As you can see in the pictures on the inside cover there are slots for baiting needles and the jars of bait fit very well. I have a second one of these and a few friends have also purchased for the same use.

This comes with six clear glug pots which I am not using but are nice as well. All in all, a very simple but nice piece of kit!


Gardner Braided Hair Needle

I have used a lot of hair needles over the course of my carp fishing career and I can easily say that the Gardner Braided Hair Needle (standard size) is my favorite. There are a few reasons for this but the biggest is that they are versatile. As my baiting needles seldom serve as only baiting needles but rather as multi-function rig tools, I find that the barb on this needle is perfect.

The Gardner Braided Hair Needle comes in two different colors. They both work great but the green one is easier to find in a black rig box.

Since it is not like the barb on a hook but rather more of an indent, it can be used for pulling line through various rig bits without snagging up while doing so. The sliding design is also surprisingly useful as it allows you to push the bait onto the hair just the right distance from the bait but it also keeps the it from snagging on stuff while being stored or in your pocket. While you might think that a needle without a barb might be at somewhat of a disadvantage when using monofilament, it really works just fine on just about all material.

This hair needle is not sharp and has a rounded end – which makes it much safer than the normal ones!

Unlike most baiting needles, this one does not have a super sharp point. I have found that this even works on really hard air-dried baits and had the added benefit of being much safer to use than a normal baiting needle as the lack of barb and sharp point really help to keep it from sticking in your hand!

The construction is durable and the only issue I have had is the two parts of the slider will separate if abused – however they can be easily snapped back together. The hole in one end can be used to put it on a key ring or to tighten knots which is what I often use it for.

So, if this sounds good to you, head over to Big Carp Tackle and get one!


Gardner Pro Line

There are so many lines on the market – and so many make fantastic claims about their abilities. So what about Gardner’s Pro line?

Gardner_pro_real_color (632x1024)
The color of the line is really nice and looks super carpy on the reel.

It is a fairly limp line and behaves it’s self very well. There are so many claims about line being limp and tough and this line comes as close as any to being 100% accurate about this. I have put it through some very demanding situations (huge tangles with weeds and the like) and it has never let me down. Casting is good and it will allow you to flick out very light baits a good distance. It is also a very reasonable price which completes the package and makes it a must try for every carp angler.

Go get some at Big Carp Tackle by clicking here.

ATT Alarms (thoughts after some use)

There are lots of bait alarms on the market and I have tried some of them. While I started off wanting all the knobs and buttons and adjustments, I realized that none of these things really matter as much as reliability. Having the ability to change the sensitivity of the alarm on the fly means nothing if the alarm won’t sound if it gets rained on. So, when I was looking for new alarms I wanted reliability above all else (it  helps to keep off the bad dreams as well – the one with a 50lb fish taking all my line and getting snagged because the alarm did not go off).

The ATT alarms and reciever
The ATT alarms and receiver

After doing some research I decided on the ATT alarms from Gardner. These compact little alarms are super simple and yet offer exactly what I was looking for. There are no buttons at all and they are super waterproof. This did not mean that the alarms were not adjustable however and simply swapping the roller wheel is all that is needed to change the sensitivity. Having your cake and eating it too is always nice.

2016-07-06 001 007 (1024x683)

I was at first a bit worried about one of the most unique features of these alarms  – the fact that they don’t have speakers and all the bite indication is accomplished by the receiver. I should not have been concerned however as this arrangement works perfectly and is actually preferable to the normal speaker in the alarm arrangement as you don’t have to broadcast to the whole world you have a run if you don’t want to.

There are a number of models of the ATT alarm – even a clear one! I choose the under lit wheel version that the whole wheel lights up on. I wanted this as it allowed me to see a run better from various directions. This has worked out well and it’s easy to tell which alarm is going off even if you can’t see the indicators.

The cover of the alarms also serves as the on/off switch and keeps them safe when not in use. I found this to be one of my favorite features as it kept me from forgetting to turn on the alarms which was another subject of paranoia. Also having a case that comes with the alarms is nice as you don’t have to go out and buy a separate one.

2016-07-06 001 010 (1024x720)
The cover of which acts as the on/off switch

The receiver is programmable to each alarm on its own channel and you can change the color of the lenses can also be changed to match you alarms. Programming the alarms to the receiver was simple and the included instructions were easy to follow.

2016-07-06 001 006 (1024x773)
The ATT Deluxe Receiver comes with spare lenses and they can also be purchased separately.

The receiver range is excellent, and while I have not measured it I have been as far as I was comfortable being from my rods and it still picked up great. The switch for the receiver is located on the top and I have not accidentally turn it off or on yet. If you are worried about it there is a case available that will keep it nice and safe!

2016-07-06 001 019 (1024x683)

So far I have been using them the better part of a year and have have not changed the batteries and they still seem to be going strong. I have been in some torrential rain, snow, sleet, and 90+ degree weather and have had no issues what so ever.  Can’t ask for more than that I say!

Rain has no impact on the ATTs performance.
Rain has no impact on the ATTs performance.

I will update again after a year with more thoughts about these alarms and to let you know if I have had to change the batteries yet!

2016-07-06 001 004 (669x1024)
There are lots of features that I did not have room to talk about here. Click the picture above to see them all!

Solar Titanium Indicators

While the principal behind visualbite indication is fairly simple. If you get a run the indicator moves upwards, upon a dropback the indicator will drop or sag.  So why have things gotten so complicated, and furthermore what else does a bite indicator need to accomplish?  When I began Carp Fishing I fished exclusively by quiver tip or float fishing, which is undoubtedly the best way to register a bite. In fact I’d say you can learn much more about what is happening in your swim by quiver tipping, and float fishing that is unless you are confronted with high winds, weed, bankside obstructions, current, and of course any body of water that has boats to cause a wake.

Over the years I’ve unintentionally developed a collection of indicators, and side by side there’s very little difference in effectiveness between them. It seems that the only development behind indicators has been adding weights for more tension, material composition, or the ability to ‘light-up’ during a take. Fortunately the Titanium Indicators have completely eliminated the use for weights while still being able to increase line tension.  That’s right NO WEIGHTS. A simple twist of the base on the indicator will tension the hanger to either be completely free and function like a bobbin ‘Hanger’ or you can tighten it enough so that no wind, wake, or distance can disturb the line tension. This will also be a relief to those who prefer to fish hangers and dislike adding swinger arms during sessions.


While I have experienced ‘Quiver’ swingers before and I always felt that not being able to adjust the tension of the arm always limited their applications. Quality is another area where Solar has it over many other brands. Not to name  names, but fragile plastic parts, chipping plastic bobbins, plastic hockey sticks, or tags that will break in a couple years are not what you will find with the Titaniums, as expected from Solar the main components are all Stainless Steel, and now titanium Another huge plus is the carrying case for the indicators. Those who are fans of the Solar Worldwide Pod packaging and luggage will really appreciate the tidiness of Titanium Indicators.

JAG Hook Sharpening Kit Review by Josef Raguro

Well I’m retiring my Berkley hook sharpener. After seeing Zach retouch his hook points on the bank I decided to get a JAG hook sharpening kit. It comes in a small pouch. The kit includes a vice , jeweler file ,2 polishing stones , jeweler’s eye / magnifying glass and the solution marker for coating the exposed hook.
I like sharpening my hook trokar style for one reason. I don’t want the tip of the hook breaking off in the fishes mouth. By doing this style the hook will actually go through with less resistance. It’s like a hypodermic needle.
How I sharpen the hook. I get my hook of choice which is a size 2 Korda wide gape hook for demonstration. Put on the supplied hook vice. I start out with the jeweler’s file .I tilt the vise up and start doing passes at a 45°angle on both sides of the hook point till I get my desired trokar style shape . Then I finish I up with the two polishing stones. Afterwards I’ll coat it with “the solution ” marker to make it rust proof again. Most manufacturer’s use water proof coating from paint to teflon. Or you can use petroleum jelly or chap stick. Do your self a favor and get one. It can give you a better “edge” on fishing.